ZeroPoint Technologies recruits new CEO

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 13 — ZeroPoint Technology AB (ZPT), announced today that Klas Moreau has been appointed as new CEO of the company.


I’m very happy that we managed to recruit Klas, says the chairman Anders Brännström. The timing is perfect now that ZPT are moving into a phase of stronger focus on business development and company growth. Klas has a strong background in relevant fields of technology and business development.


Klas has in recent time as CEO, successfully developed technology industry companies. Before that he has almost 20 years of experience from Ericsson AB where he held various leading R&D management positions. Building a solid knowledge in integrated circuit development in the 1990’s and early 2000.


Klas’ understanding of technology, combined with his business acumen makes him a great addition to the team. Klas Moreau starts work at Zero Point Technologies AB 13 May, 2019.


About ZeroPoint Technologies AB ZeroPoint Technologies uses novel compression approaches to develop and license a memory compression IP block placed on the SoC processor chip to effectively double memory capacity and memory bandwidth. ZeroPoint Technologies AB was created in 2016 as a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology. The Intellectual Property Portfolio related to computer memory management was then acquired from the University and transferred into the new startup. The Technology, ideas and many of the people behind and with ZeroPoint comes from Professor Per Stenströms research group, which is internationally recognised for excellence within high-performance computing. Since its creation, ZeroPoint has attracted skilled people from industry, finance and the startup community and raised its first round of Venture Capital in 2016.